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Blog focused around health, wellness and can act as a guide to a better, healthier you. For those of you uncertain of what they should be doing after surgery to help along the healing process, look no further.  


You Are What You Wear

Charlotte Robinson

lulu quote// pinterest

lulu quote//pinterest


America’s interest in being healthy has been picked up by the media and is now catching the eye of clothing companies who are cashing in on this idea. Most commonly in the spotlight is Lululemon Athletica and Nike. For anyone who is unfamiliar with these brands you most likely need to get out of the house right this second because these two brands are hard to not recognize. Nike has been considered a “cool” brand for ages that uses athletes to their advantage to market their clothing and only tend to sponsor top athletes such as tennis player Roger Federer. Lululemon on the other hand has become a top clothing company in the last few years that  solely designs workout clothes with sales through the roof. Lululemon clothes are overpriced yet people keep on coming back to buy more. Why?

Not Just a Brand: A Way of Life

If you are reading this then you too are interested in learning the secret behind Lululemon’s success. This company sells workout clothes but more importantly an image of power, popularity and luxury. Lululemon is not selling their product, they are selling the brand. To the consumers it is worth spending large sums of money on their workout clothes because they are stylish, even if they are being worn while working out. To many women Lululemon’s clothes are flattering and the type of outfit one can wear outside of the gym and not feel out of place. Otherwise, why spend over $50 on a top you know you will sweat in and can get for half the price at a company like Fabletics. Many women will confess the lulu clothing is so versatile it can easily be worn during the day because of its comfort however the Huffington Post would disagree. Emma Gray from the Huffington Post believes that Lululemon Athletica is appealing to women’s insecurities and people are “dressing up or down” during the day not because of the comfort of the clothes but for the ladies. While this may not be the companies goal Lululemon has definitely become a cult for some women who like to spend their mornings doing yoga and participate in juice cleanses for fun.

The difference between regular workout clothes and Lululemon is that they are marketed to be worn while working out but also throughout the day. The drop down menu indicates  “To & From” on the website as an option. Lululemon isn’t just doing well because of their brand name but because of the complexity of the fabric. Many people report that Lululemon clothing is well made as it does not shrink in the wash like other brands and it will still look new after 10 washes. The website has a section dedicated to the construction along with fabric and technology with multiple articles that go into detail about the production process and makes Lululemon seem a much more credible source.

Brainwashing the Consumer

While some are claiming that Lululemon Athletica brainwashes their consumers into buying clothes this may not be so far fetched. An article published by The Atlantic proposes the idea that “fashion affects fitness”. According to researchers a term known as “enclothed cognition” contends that the clothes people wear directly affects one’s actions.  It is believed that by wearing expensive Lululemon clothing individuals are inclined to workout. In a NY Times article Professor Dr. Galinsky at Northwestern University said, “Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state”. This theory would suggest that any type of workout clothes will have that effect on people yet Lululemon’s clothes seem to specialize in this department.

Athletic clothing today does more than make your butt look good at the gym: It’s carefully designed to fit into your lifestyle, inside and outside the gym. Sure, wear it to workout. Then to the grocery store, where they promise you won’t look out of place. If the trend holds, soon you’ll never change out of your gym clothes, throwing on compression leggings for work and for trips to the mall.
— The Atlantic (Jamie Wiebe)

Lulu prides itself on their comfortable and trendy clothes, but are they really worth the price increase? If wearing their clothes is what it takes for you to workout I say go for it!

Here are a few of my favorite outfits that are currently on their website: