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Blog focused around health, wellness and can act as a guide to a better, healthier you. For those of you uncertain of what they should be doing after surgery to help along the healing process, look no further.  



Charlotte Robinson

Avocado toast//  pinterest

Avocado toast// pinterest

Would you spend $10 for a piece of toast with peanut butter on it? Probably not but if it was avocado on top of the toast, you would be surprised by how many people would pay for it. Recently America has become obsessed with avocados and not just consuming them but the emojis, clothing and anything else with an avocado on it. Restaurants are serving toast with just avocado on it for $10 and that is just the starting price of many places. Add eggs or any other food item to the mix and prices increase to as much as $23 for again, a piece of toast with avocado and eggs. People are more obsessed with the idea of this food and how it is trendy when in reality it should not be priced so high. Buzzfeed made a mockery of this by creating a quiz in which you are asked to "pick the most expensive toast" and out of all of them, avocado toast is the winner. If one were to take into account the price of a loaf of bread ($2-$3) and the price of an avocado (at most $2) it seems completely unethical to pay more than a few bucks for this supposed meal. Raising the price of this food makes it more appealing and valuable to the human eye when in reality the only thing being changed is your opinion on the worth of an avocado.

eGlobal Natural Health//  pinterest

eGlobal Natural Health// pinterest

Avocados should be incorporated into one's diet because they can be good for you! They should however not be a replacement for greens. The reason for this is because while avocados are high in good monounsaturated fats, they need to be eaten in moderation. Monounsaturated fats help the body to function properly while also helping to reduce high cholesterol levels in certain individuals and can lower one's chances of heart disease. At the end of the day however fat is fat and incorporating too much avocado into your daily intake will have a not so healthy ending. Livestrong compared the calories and grams of fat of different vegetables to avocados in order to put this in perspective:

1 cup of cubed avocado = 240 calories (22 grams of fat)

1 cup of broccoli = 52 calories (.6 grams of fat)

1 cup of green beans = 44 calories (.3 grams of fat)

It is clear to see from this data that avocado is HIGH in fat and eating just one-cup means you have already eaten almost one third of your daily intake of fat. As a result it is better to eat this fruit in moderation and add it to your meal for flavor and texture, instead of making it the main ingredient such as avocado toast. It is important to find the balance in life between eating well and exercising in order to stay healthy. For those of you not currently obsessed with avocados I encourage you to start adding them to some of your meals… in moderation! For those of you who are used to eating avocados on a daily basis, here are a few ways of making sure you get your daily dose of avocado.